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The Little Rituals Notebook

Be inspired to create your own little rituals to look after and honour yourself.

Hi, I'm Frankie

Creator of Frank and I
Frankie Scott Creator of Frank and I
Frank and I is a space dedicated to honouring time on, with and for yourself.  I am a yoga & meditation teacher, a candle maker, lover of natural ingredients and believer in the healing power of little rituals.


  My own experience with chronic fatigue syndrome opened me up to exploring a more holistic way of both healing and living.  Through yoga, meditation, nutrition, rest, getting to know myself and a back to nature approach, I am learning to heal and live in balance.  I've come to understand the importance of self care and the magic held in little rituals.  Natural living rooted in rituals is how I take care of myself and what i'd like to share with you.  I hope you stay a while and explore my practices and hand made gifts, all created so that you can create your own little rituals for your own care and healing journey.


Dear Diary; What do I do when the people and things I love are making me sick?

I hadn't seen my friends for nearly five months. I missed them and wanted to see them, but I'd be lying if I said I couldn't wait. For weeks now, a little voice I hear in my deepest knowing, has whispered "You need to be alone. More time alone."

The voice worries me, so much so, that I even brought it up with my therapist. "I'm worried I'm isolating myself more and more. I feel like I'm walking away from a lot. I don't want to miss out on this time, I don't want to...

be forgotten,

become irrelevant,


be a bad friend,

punish myself,

feel lonely,

not have fun,

be alone.

And so I ignore the whispering voice and seek out my friends and family. Seek out the things I love to do, simple everyday things like going out for dinner. Having a cocktail or two. Simply being in the space and company with the people I cherish.

I ignore the little voice that has been talking to me because it's not what I want and it doesn't seem fair. I say to myself loudly, louder than the whispering voice,

"you'll be fine, enjoy yourself." And off I go...

Chronic fatigue management and recovery.  Resting in the sunlight in a Paris garden.
Me enjoying some sunlight and Paris park scenes before my flight to visit my family and friends.

My little voice doesn't whisper anymore. My body screams back a simple NO.


Swollen glands

Whole body shaking

Upset Stomach

Loss of appetite

Gut cramps

Extreme fatigue

Whole body pain

Brain fog

Bones that feel like glass

Swollen sinuses & difficulty breathing

A combination of symptoms that feels nothing short of complete body shutdown and failure. It's a whole week later, back in my apartment, and I haven't stepped a foot outside or seen another soul since. And so I ask,

Dear Diary, what do I do when the people and things I love are making me sick?

There's no response from Dear Diary, but that little voice is back.

"It is not the people or things that you love that are making you sick, but I did tell you that you needed some time, time alone."

I eyeroll to myself, sigh, physically cross my arms in defiance - only noticed a few moments later with a hint of amusement. I trust my intuition, what my body knows and tells me, and with a lighter note than the rest of this post, I do trust and believe that my body can heal. It wasn't always that way and perhaps that's part of the reason I got sick, who knows? But years of practices dedicated to knowing my body, listening to my body, feeling my body, demonstrating compassion and kindness towards my body have lead me to a place of trust in both my body and intuition.

With th