I believe in magic

The Little Rituals Notebook

Be inspired to create your own little rituals to look after and honour yourself.

Hi, I'm Frankie

Creator of Frank and I
Frankie Scott Creator of Frank and I
Frank and I is a space dedicated to honouring time on, with and for yourself.  I am a yoga & meditation teacher, a candle maker, lover of natural ingredients and believer in the healing power of little rituals.


  My own experience with chronic fatigue syndrome opened me up to exploring a more holistic way of both healing and living.  Through yoga, meditation, nutrition, rest, getting to know myself and a back to nature approach, I am learning to heal and live in balance.  I've come to understand the importance of self care and the magic held in little rituals.  Natural living rooted in rituals is how I take care of myself and what i'd like to share with you.  I hope you stay a while and explore my practices and hand made gifts, all created so that you can create your own little rituals for your own care and healing journey.