Hand Poured Natural Candles 

"I fell in love tonight with the candle flicker dancing in the moonlight on my old wood table" - Atticus.


 My candles are hand poured in small batches, vegan friendly, cruelty free and made with 100% natural ingredients; soy wax blended only with pure essential oils.

Candle Trios

For when you can't choose just one ...

I love how a candle can transform a room and inspire a mood, with that in mind I created a candle collection that I use morning, noon and evening to create my own little rituals. Each has been crafted to encourage you to create your own little rituals of wellbeing and me time moments. 





Strike a Match

"Oh my goodness

I cannot believe how delicious my candle smells.  They are absolutely beautiful and smell amazing, thank you, thank you, thank you"

- Olivia

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Available in three sizes with eco hand dyed cotton giftwrap.

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"There's something magical about Frank and I candles, whenever I burn mine, the scent always reminds me to slow down, take a breath and listen to what my body needs"


The Complete Candle Collection

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